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Let's give this a try

an experiment in terror

Roundup of Spoilers for episode 11.12

A rant about gross people in Supernatural fandom
So now that the Sam is a big old meanie for not being nicer to Dean has taken hold, the next wave of why Dean was right and Sam was wrong is starting. This post, by the author of Dean Winchester Protector or Abuser is campaigning for why Sam put in perspective Gad killing Kevin in Sam's body. The argument goes that yes Kevin was killed but Gad saved Cas and Charlie, so shouldn't Sam see the whole being kept alive by being possessed as a good thing? Isn't Kevin's life worth it because two others were saved? Now to be fair, the poster I linked to does admit that Charlie would not have been in the bunker if Sam had died, since Sam was the one to call her in to try and make an angel locator, but the argument goes Cas would be dead and isn't Cas being alive more important than Kevin being dead? Or at least as important so Sam should just try to look on the sunny side of life instead of focusing on Kevin's death? And let's face it (she continues) if Sam had died, Dean would have been devastated and not hunted and look how many people would have died, so honestly Sam snap out of it, your emotions shouldn't count here at ALL.

Now I'm a bad person to argue this in some ways. My feelings on Cas have gone from dislike to indifferent. I'm fonder of him this season, but admittedly Cas would be dead if Sam had his way leaves me saying Eh. It just really makes me nuts that Sam is being reduced to a thing to be used and his worth is judged not by who he is but by how useful he is to characters that fandom deems worthy. I just find the line of reasoning really GROSS.  I figure Sam gets to decide how to feel about how his own body was used and no one should even try to dismiss that.

Of course I find it hard to top this comment from the A.V. Club review of The Purge.

And what is this idea of Sam being ready to die? If he was so ready to die, why doesn't he kill himself now? and from the same comment (As for Gadreel killing Kevin, I fail to understand what this has to do with anything. At some point Metatron would have found Gadreel and given him that task. Or he would have just used a different angel. So Sam should just buck up and not feel anything that might upset Dean.  Some parts of fandom are really awful.

We are definitely not watching the same show
For the record this He`s [Sam]  always needed to be the centre of Dean`s life, as we saw in the 8th season finale. And like most things, there`s positives and negatives to the fact that he always has been. I expect both aspects to get their due in the coming fall out. Is not a description of Sam in Supernatural.  It is 100% diametrically opposed to what Sam is.  He walked away from Dean and his family.  He made a life for himself after he thought Dean had died. He encouraged Dean to find a family when he thought he was going to die and was more than willing to have Dean go back to it both while soulless and after he got his soul back.  My mind is boggled.

Supernatural 9.01 reactions to fandom and some spoilers
So I've been visiting various Supernatural forums to get a feel for the reactions to 9.01.  I'm actually pretty encouraged that more than a few people are actually angry that Dean chose to let Ezekiel take the wheel against Sam's wishes.  I've been semi-convinced that the original choice can be justified based on time constraints and desperation.  I am less happy about the justifications that are popping up for continuing to keep Sam in the dark about what is going on with him.
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Nitpick on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. reviews
I actually enjoyed this week's episode, but I also understand the the mixed and negative reactions.  The one thing that I do know is that Melinda May's nickname is NOT the hill that Jesus was crucified on.  She is not called the Calvary.  Her nickname is probably based on the soldiers on horseback who were reputed to ride to the rescue in battles i.e. The CAVALRY.  50% of the reviews I have read tell me she is The Calvary and it is making me nuts. 

A step in the right direction
Amazon announced today that in October, when you buy a hardcover book you will be able to download the Kindle edition for either $2.99, $1.99, $.99 or free. They will apply this to any book you purchased in hard copy after 1995.

Before I get too excited, publishers have to opt into this for titles, but it is a good start. I am biased against e-books.  I actually love reading on my tablet, but I think the e-books are over priced and I hate the idea that they are licensed and can be removed at the whim of a publisher, Amazon, or anyone who can talk Amazon into it.  So, I basically have been borrowing e-books from the library and using my tablet for fanfiction.  I have bought exactly one e-book, the first title in a series that wasn't available at my library, wasn't at local bookstores and that I didn't want to wait to show up in the mail. Other than that, I have avoided buying e-books. If I can pay a minimal price to get a hard copy and an e-book, that would be great.  I hope other bookstores follow in this.  But this could be progress.

Of course, this does kind of prove my e-books are overpriced argument, but still progress.

Oh, Sigh, What will sexism ruin next?
From Deadline Hollywood http://www.deadline.com/2013/07/timur-bekmambetov-to-reimagine-wizard-of-oz-as-fantasy-action-miniseries-for-syfy/

EXCLUSIVE: Wanted and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter director Timur Bekmambetov is venturing into television with Warriors Of Oz, a mini-series project which has landed at Syfy. Bekmambetov will create Warriors Of Oz based on his idea.  It is a fantasy-action reimagining of the classic story in which a warrior from present day Earth is transported to a post-apocalyptic future Oz where he must team up with three other warriors, Heartless, Brainless, and Coward, in order to defeat the evil Wizard who has enslaved the land. Bekmambetov is set to executive produce and possibly direct.  Search is under way for a writer to pen the mini, which will be produced by Universal Cable Prods. Syfy has been ramping up mini-series development, announcing two four-hour projects at its upfront presentation in April based on Larry Niven’s Ringworld and on Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End with producer Michael De Luca.

So an American classic that where the main character is a little girl who is the ultimate heroine, helped by 2 powerful female witches (in the book, 1 in the movie) and the main antagonist is a strong female witch. And where the male characters are all lacking important facets of a human personality and the main male antagonist is a weak fraud, is now becoming a male war fantasy with no women in sight.

I should be surprised, but I'm really not.

Personal life
Rant about my personal life, feel free to skip.Read more...Collapse )

For anyone who has ever felt this way
Incredible video about how it feels to be bullied

Oh Supernatural
Oh Supernatural spoilers for this week's episodeRead more...Collapse )

I love you show, but REALLY?  Can we at least get more continuity or at least be a little less sexist? Please?